Examination Rules


The school focusses on the modern pedagogy to reduce dependence on examination system discourages rote-learning and accelerates overall development of a child’s personality.


With the world becoming a global village, the need of the hour is to create global Citizens by emphasizing on the holistic development of a child. To realize this objective, CBSE has introduced CCE which is a school based Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation System, covering all aspects of the student’s scholastic and co-scholastic development.


New methodologies are innovated and practised in classroom teaching, constant endeavours are being made towards making the classroom interesting, useful and a training-ground of life skills. Text-book teaching is being done through activity based programmes, Clubs for environment, dramatics, debate, public speaking, communication skills, quiz etc. are formed. The School buzzes with activities in the quest of knowledge and awareness. Life skills and on-hand experience, as prescribed by CBSE, are followed especially for class IX to XII.


Note :- Student’s Numerical record of academic session is sent to the parents in school diary, parents are requested to check it regularly.


Examination Rules :

1. For Classes Nur. To Prep., two examination (evaluations) will be scheduled viz I term and II term.


2. Examination will be conducted from class 1st to 12th according the rules of CBSE/RBSE.


3. To declare the annual results of the students, it is necessary that from class Nur. To Prep. One term out of the two must be given, it is to be noted that it is essential to give the final term. For class 1st to 12th (CBSE/RBSE), 2 periodical exams OR one periodical and mid-term must be given out of all exams, it is to be noted that it is essential to give the final exam. In the absence of these, the result will not be declared.


4. Only those students having 75% attendance will be permitted to sit in annual examinations.


5. In any case, no examination will be conducted on any other day except the examination programme. Absent students will directly be declared absent in the examinations.


6. In case of absence, if the guardian/parents submit the medical certificate within 7 days then student will be considered present. His/Her exams will not be taken again but the annual result will be declared on the behalf of given exams or previous performances. It will be considered once in a year only. Attending final term is essential for each & every student.


7. The annual examination will be conducted for only those students who will submit complete fee for the entire session.


8. In the Board classes the admission letter will be allotted only to the students who will pass the pre-board examination with 75% attendance.


9. Pupil absent from an examination, for any reason, are not re-examined.


10. The answer sheets of the final Examination will not be shown either to student or to parents / gurardians.


11. Failure in two or more subjects renders a pupil to repeat his / her class.


12. Parents of classes X and XII : Kindly make sure that your ward has given the pre-board examination and clear all the papers with a minimum of 33% in all subjects. After this only his / her admit card will be issued.


13. For sufficient reasons, such as unsatisfactory progress in studies, failing in three or more subjects, insufficient attendance, indiscipline or serious misconduct, etc. a pupil may be debarred from an examination / may not be allowed for renewal of admission.  

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Class tests and term tests would be held at regular intervals throughout the academic session to help in the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation of the performance of the students.


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