Picnic & Educational Tour

Picnic & Educational Tour

Education is to impart knowledge to students. Students gain knowledge and upgrade their skills by using the concepts they newly learn. Educational tours play an important role in educating students in a practical and interesting manner. Something that is seen in real can be easily perceived than something that we simply read in book. So taking students to trips that will relate to their academics can help them learn much better. Educational tours can also be a way to fun and recreation. 

Environmental Trips:

Various heritage sites are visited to learn about the history, architectural style sand culture of a particular place. Local sites are visited to have a different learning environment and learn about the flora and fauna of their city through fun filled activities.



National and International tours are arranged for students twice in every session. Travelling makes students self reliant, improves communication skills, teaches to adjust in different environment sand situations, tours are a means of exposure to diverse culture of our nation. While on international educational trips students get to know the culture, traditions and geographical features of that country.


                 The school organized tours for the students from time to time, information about which

           is given in advance. Since the seats are limited, students are registered on first come first

           serve basis. Written permission of the parent is a must.


School Picnics :

           The school arranges, from time to time, certain picnics which are to be attended on

           specified payment by all the students compulsorily. Relaxation may however be given by

           the Principal in genuine cases.




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