Pre- Primary occupies the most attractive part of the campus. The ambience of the area is enriched by the surrounding green trees. The colorful play equipment and a pet corner adds to the delight of every child.


Children are given every opportunity to develop their full potential appropriate to his/her age. This happens by encouraging each child's natural urge to explore and absorb impressions from a rich and stimulating environment which is provided through natural surroundings and the contrive dsituations and activities in an innovative approach.


We believe that learning is his/her adventure in spirit. Life is to be directly experienced, enjoyed and loved, concepts to be discovered, assimilated and internalized. Thus leading to a positive attitude towards life.


Early Childhood Years is a period of rapid physical and mental growth. It is widely recognized that the experiences of this period will color his/her whole approach to learning throughout life. Thus, we follow a development oriented and child centered approach with emphasis on child's active interaction with the environment and development of concepts and attitudes. Reading, writing, figures and facts follow in the natural rhythm of things.


The span of Pre Primary is 3 years.

First Level or Introductory (3 to 4years old). 
Second Level or KG (Entry Point 4 to 5 years old). 
Third Level or Preparatory (for children of 5 to 6 years old).

 Primary School – (Class I to V)


The Primary School programme aims to:

v  Foster an all round development of the growing child.

v  Create a relevant, challenging and integrated academic curriculum.

v  Develop key concepts, skills, attitudes, actions and knowledge as students are encouraged to explore academic subjects and create network transcending conventional subject boundaries. The focus is on developing thinking skills and help students to 'learn to learn'.

v  The Primary School programme focuses on the following areas for an all-round development through a variety of activities, projects and integrated approach.


Integrated Approach to Learning


Information Technology

International Dimension

Languages     Hindi, English

Aesthetics     Art, Music, Dance, Craft

Environmental Studies 

Physical / Personal / social Education       Yoga, Games and Life Skills


UpperPrimary School – (Class VI to VIII)

Subjects: All compulsory

Languages: English, Hindi, Sanskrit

Science & Technology: Integrated Science with Physics, Chemistry, Biology

Social  Science: History, Civics, Geography, Economics, Political Science


 Information Technology, Work Education, Art Education, Physical Education, Health Education, Environment Education, Personal & Social Education





SeniorSchool – (Class IX to XII)

ClassIX & X

Subjects: All compulsory

Languages: English, Hindi / Sanskrit

Science & Technology: Integrated Science with Physics, Chemistry, Biology

Social Science: History, Civics, Geography, Economics, Political Science


Information Technology, Work Education, Art Education, Physical Education, Health Education, Environment Education, Personal & Social Education


ClassXI & XII

Compulsory subject

Elective Subjects


Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4


Geography / History

Political Science / Sociology

Mathematics/ Biology/Computer Science (Python)/ Economics/ Painting/ Commercial Art

Informatics Practices/ Psychology/  Physical Education/  N C C/  Legal Studies Human right & Gender Studies/ Hindi / English Lit.






Business Studies

ENGLISH CORE is compulsory for all streams



·        Prepare students for the CBSE Examination so that students gain admission to prestigious universities of their choice.

·        Foster high academic achievement through the study of a range of subject choices offered.

·        Strengthen students' effective study skills and high order thinking skills.

·        Encourage students to critically evaluate information.

·        Promote strong communication skills and development of personality.

·        Develop an awareness of the media and competence in computer application.

·        Foster social development, cultural awareness and genuine understanding of other traditions.

·        Promote responsible and caring citizenship through a programme of community service.

·        Instill a sense of responsibility to promote liberty, justice and protect one's and others' right for common welfare.

·        Enable students to make right lifestyle choices through health, social and adolescent education programme.

·        Enhance in them a sense of ethical leadership and develop the skills.

·        Enable students to plan their future careers and help them in their preparation.

·        The senior school programme prepares the students for the All India Secondary School Examination (AISSE Class - X) and All India Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (AISSCE Class - XII).


The Curriculum

In addition to fostering high academic achievement through a choice of a wide range of subjects, the Senior School programme requires the participation in activities beyond academics which include sports, cultural activities, workshops and community service. Field trips, guest lectures, career guidance and students exchange programmers are planned to provide an enriching learning environment.


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