Director's message

"If we change our attitude, our attitude changes itself"

Education is the most valuable resource that a student can acquire in his life. Its importance lies in the fact that it always remains with a student and is never lost. All other things in life - wealth, power and even people around us are inconsistent. Education always stays with us and acts as a guiding light in our lives.

My own experience as a cadet of NCC, taught me the value of education and discipline in life. At VCA too, we believe in imparting quality education and lay emphasis on discipline. We strive to develop the analytical capabilities in students which enable them to understand their own aptitude and inclination. This helps students to cope with the ups and downs of life, and grow into good decision makers.

We realize that we have a responsibility of providing your child a grooming that helps him to grow into a happy and confident individual. Our team of dedicated staff works hard to make VCA's environment a happy and stimulating one. Each faculty member constantly strives to find new and innovative methods of presenting their subject to the students in a way that interests them and aids retention. Our teachers are aware of the needs and limitations of each student and accordingly structure their teaching.

Today VCA has carved a niche for itself. With our constant endeavor to impress strong moral values upon our students and by creating the right learning environment, an all - round development of the students is achieved. Thus making VCA students stand out in a crowd. I'm glad that you've decided to know more about us and as you flip through these pages you'll be able to have a sneak preview of all the enriching experiences that your child would gain in his / her life's journey with VCA.

We are proud of our school, for the name that it has earned in providing support to the pupils in preparing them for all the challenges of life.

Sanjay Kumar Sigar
Managing Director


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