Features & Facilities




Ø  The Schooldoesn’t encourage any form of tuition. Regularity in work will ensure thesuccess of the students. Private tuitions by V.C.A. staff will not be allowedexcept for genuine reasons, only after seeking permission from the Principal.Students found taking tuitions from V.C.A. Staff, would be dealt with strictlyto the extent of their expulsion. Hence parents are advised not to engageV.C.A. staff for their wards.


Ø  A student has time in the whole day :

Toget ready in the morning                                                                        – 1 h.

Reachingschool from school                                                                      – 1 h.

Schooltime                                                                                                  – 6 h.

Reachinghome from school and taking lunch                                           – 1.30 h.

Todo school homework                                                                               – 2 h.

Inthe evening (for playing, watching T.V., Taking Dinner)                         –2 h.

Tosleep                                                                                                         – 8 h.

Totaltime used                                                                                             - 21.30 h.   

Time left withstudent – 24 ˗ 21.30 = 2.30 h.


“Ifthe child studies on his own then 2.30 h. is sufficient. But if you send yourward to the tuition, then the child will only be able to do the work ofre-listening and tuition homework. He will not have time for self-study.”

Hence there is nobenefit from tuition. The rest of your choice.


Prefect System

Itis a body of students appointed by the Principal, and it functions under theguidance of the Vice-Principals.


Free English Spoken& Basic Improvement Class

·        There is one hour period reserved for EnglishSpoken & Basic Improvement class for 3 to 5, 6 to 8, 9 and 11

·        Writing & Reading with Math’s Practiceclass for student’s benefit.



Academic Marks reflection

Students’ Numericalrecord of academic session is sent to the parents in the school diary, parentsare requested to check them regularly.



Facilities :-

-        The facilities include :

·        EducationalTour,

·        Cultural& Literature activities

·        Gymnastics,

·        Karate,

·        Mountaineering,

·        Cub-Bulbul(Forclasses 3 to 5),

·        Scout-Guide(ForClass 6 to 9),

·        NCC(Infantry Naval & Girls for classes 8 to 10),

·       Sports (Kho-Kho, Volleyball,Kabbadi, Badminton, Hockey, Cricket, Softball, Athletic, Table Tennis etc. in-class group 3 to 5 (11 years), 6 to 8(14 Years), 9-10 (17 Years), 11-12 (19 Years) for both Boys & Girls.  

·        Picnic,


-       Everyactivity involves risk including eating lunch.OurShri Mukherjee late chief of the Indian Air Force died during an official party,when food got stuck in his windpipe. Every sports is a little more risky.”


-      We have very well-trained and experiencedcoaches and proper equipment. The School family is always with students but theschool is not responsible for anycompensation for any incident. Please, motivate the student to take anactive part in every school’s educational, cultural and sports activities forhis/her overall personality development.



Aregular medical examination is arranged by the school. Health reports aremaintained and sent to the parents.



V.C.A.provides full services of a counselor in a spacious and well done up environsof a “Health Room” To further help the teachers in understanding the students’problems and enabling the students to overcome teenage setbacks, V.C.A. has putup a suggestion box. Presently, counseling is doing a lot in making ourstudents grow up not only into powerful and serene but also mentally andphysically sound individuals.


Conveyance Facility

Theschool provides bus facilities on selected routes. Interested parents may availof the facility which is subject to the availability of seats. Details of theroutes can be obtained from the office Students are to pay the prescribedconveyance charges in two installments only, which are collected with the I andII installments of the school fee. The students must pay the bus fee for elevenmonths.



The library cum reading room is stocked with over titlesranging from encyclopedias and current magazines to reference books andfiction. There is an Audio – visual room, equipped with a DVD Player, ‘Sharp’ OH Projector, and a library of CDs to enhance the joy of learning.







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