Evaluation & Promotion


The school focuses onthe modern pedagogy to reduce dependence on examination system, discouragerote-learning and accelerated overall development of a child’s personality

(i)     Pre-Primary, Primary Classes

           There is special arrangement for pre-primary to class 5. As the foundation of the house becomes strong, the age of the building increases, similarly these classes act as the foundation for the students. The strength here supports the further education of the student. Academicians are of the opinion that young children learn more well through sports. Therefore, teaching work is done by experienced and qualified teachers in these classrooms. The burden of baggage on them remains negligible and one hour oral class is organized every day.

v   Internal assessment throughout the year.

v  The performance ineach subject is graded.





91% to 100%



81% to 90%

Very Good


61% to 80%



41% to 60%



33% to 40%



Below 33%

Needs Improvement

The pupil’s progressreport is shown to the parents at the P.T. meet. This Reflects the Student’sPerformance in the last calendar Month.



(iii) OtherClasses :

                        With the world becominga global village, the need of the hour is to Create global citizens byemphasizing on the holistic development of a child. To realize this objective,CBSE has introduced Examination Bye-laws. Theschool follows CBSE Examination Bye-laws.


Newmethodologies are innovated and practiced in classroom teaching, Constantendeavors are being made towards making the classroom interesting, useful and atraining-ground of life skills.


Text-bookteaching is being done through activity based programmes, Clubs forenvironment, dramatics, debate, public speaking, communication skills, quizetc. are formed.


TheSchool buzzes with activities in the quest of knowledge and awareness. Lifeskills and on-hand experience, as prescribed by CBSE, are followed especiallyfor class IX and X.


*There will be Periodic Tests (PT) and a Final Examination in a year.

*In addition to Tests, participation in House activities, curricular andco-curricular activities and community services are also given due weight age.

*Students must pass in the aggregate for each subject. For promotion to the nextgrade at Vijay Central Academy, a minimum of 40 percent marks in each subjectis a must. This applies to every students.

*The school also gives due importance to attendance, home-work, class-work,projects and practical Work.

*Absence from one or more subjects involves the loss of grades for thosesubjects and excludes the student from being reckoned in the order of merit inthe examination.

*For sufficient reasons, such as unsatisfactory progress in studies,insufficient attendance, serious misconduct, etc., a pupil may be debarred froman examination. / may not be allowed for renewal of admission.


Note:- Student's Numerical record of academic session is sent to the parents inschool diary, parents are requested to                     check it regularly.

             No Students shall be allowed to appearin the final Examination unless all dues have been paid off.




1.At the end of the year promotion to the next grade will be decided on the basisof the whole year's academic performance. Regular attendance and steady work,therefore, will be a condition for promotion.

2.Failure in two or more subjects renders a pupil liable to repeat his/her class.

3.Consistent neglect of a subject will not be condoned, be it a core subject oran additional elective subject.

4.In view of the system of the year's average in determining eligibility forpromotion, it will not be possible to hold retests. Thus results declared atthe end of the year are final and will not be reconsidered.

5.A pupil who fails in several subjects throughout the year will have to leavethe school. So, too, a pupil who fails a second time in the School.



Asper the Examination Bye-laws of CBSE, in order to be declared as having passedthe Class IX & XI Examination a candidate shall obtain 33% marks in all thesubjects. In case of subject involving practical work a candidate must obtain33% marks in theory and 33% in practical separately in addition to 33% marks inaggregate in order to qualify in that subject. A candidate failing in one ofthe five subjects of external examination at Class IX & XI shall be placedin Compartment in that subject provided he/she qualifies in all the subjects ofinternal assessment. For the promotion to Std. X & XII the candidate mustobtain the minimum pass marks of 33% in the compartment exam, failing whichhe/she will be asked to repeat.



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