A school is aplace where students grow physically and intellectually, but most importantlythey develop curiosity, courage, confidence, independence, patience,resourcefulness, resilience and understanding. Education is a process of enlightenment.As the child grows in knowledge and understanding, richer and deeper as a humanbeing, the light within grows, unfolds and spreads. The school provides ahealthy ambiance by providing a foundation where concepts are clearly defined.It encourages the students to participate keenly in various co-curricular andcurricular activities by giving umpteen opportunities, facilities and trainingto bring out their best. We are proud to say that our ex-students have faredwell in professional courses like UPSC, CA, Engineering, Medical, Law,Information Technology, BBA, CS, Army, Police, etc. VCA is an institution with aglobal perspective steeped in Indian values aiming to chisel a strong India outof budding minds.


Purpose and Values

At VCA, Jaipur our aim is to create an ethos thatwill encourage children to grow in all these mental spaces. An ethos of harmonyand interdependence with the environment around them that fosters tolerance,discussions, flexibility and understanding of different points of view. Wherehard work is recognized and rewarded, an environment where the mind can rangeunfettered and free of constraints. An atmosphere that encourages adaptability,responsibility and leadership, where charity, service and self-sacrifice arethe norms. And above all, a loving atmosphere where love and encouragement arethe preferred ways of teaching so that a child is imbued with self-respect. Theschool runs on the vision, decision and keen interest of the Board of Governorswith Mr. Tarachand Choudhary as Chairman, Mr Sanjay Sigar as Managing Director,and Mrs. Nidhi Adha as the Principal.



The school though was established in 2004 - but hadthe proficiency and the vision for a wonderful future. The motto "Making tomorrow brighter" isa true reflection of society and the spirit they instill in children.

At VCA hard work is a part of the natural course ofthings. The school instills a strong sense of identity in each student with anethos of harmony, interdependence, empathy, flexibility and learning where themind is continually expanded and challenged.



VCA’s mission is to establish a caring, enablingenvironment in campus that would nurture creativity, strengthen moral characterand release that passion for stretching beyond the limits of thought andperception. That would one day help VCAians to be pioneers wherever they might be: in the confines of a home, inthe power corridors of a corporation or be survivors in alien territories.



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