Parent's Role


Parents are requested to please pay attention to the following points for the development of your children.

1. The Schooling of a Child is the joint efforts of the school and the home. The school alone can succeed only as well as a cart with a single wheel. From you, we request administrative backing. That is, ensuring that the pupil brings all the required books and stationery, is punctual and regular and does his homework meticulously and at fixed hours.


2. For effective education it is necessary that the school receives full co-operation from the parents in giving to the students.


3. Refinement of habits; Diligence in studies; Integrity of character. Even at home, guidance, encouragement and opportunity should be constantly provided for mental growth.

4. Love and treat all children in the house equally. Don't make lewd jokes, street-slamming (abusive language) and quarreling in front of them. Greet each of their friends who come to the house with affection.

5. Listen carefully to what they ask, Answer the questions easily. Encourage them on the modest success. Treat yourself with love if there is a mistake.


6.  Never punish them in the presence of any one. Don't make false promise. Solve their problem with skill and love.

7. We are proud that we are children of Mother India. Your children are the providence of tomorrow of India. They include patriotism, Indianness, religiosity, public behavior, efficient leadership, Diligence, discipline, patience, Courage and self help etc. primal qualities be developed; from this point of view, Create such a routine for the whole family and create an environment in which they develop properly. The story of the great men for this at home, to hear- to recite, song-prayer, discussion etc. Programs should form part of the entire family's routine. Play good hymns and patriotic songs in the morning.


8. Let them do household chores too, Explain social behavior. Don't scold on doing hard work. Give them an opportunity for personality development.


9.  Watch inspiring programs on television with family.


10. Do not send any kind of valuable item to the school with the students. Do not send mobile at all.

11. Please write Student's name, class and section on the students' tiffin career and keep it at a fixed place before intermission.

12. With the students from pre-primary to class 10 must send water bottle, handkerchief and tiffin daily. Handkerchiefs and tiffin are mandatory for the rest of the classes.

13. Please send the student to the school in a neat and clean and complete school uniform and with packed  bag according to the time table (given in diary).


14. In correspondence with school officials, please mention your child's full name, class and section.


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