Disciplinary Action

DISCIPLINARY ACTION vuq’kklukRed dk;Zokgh 


1. Leave of absence : Leave for extending holidays, attending marriage, etc., is not granted without prior written application from a parent/guardian and it must be sanctioned by the Principal or Vice-Principals. Those sick for more than three days must submit a medical certificate on the day of reporting back to the school.

vuqifLFkfr dh NqV~Vh %& ekrk&firk@vfHkHkkod }kjk iwoZ fyf[kr vkosnu i= dks iz/kkukpk;Z ;k mi iz/kkukpk;Z }kjk vuqeksfnr gksus ij gh NqfV~V;ksa dk foLrkj djus] 'kknh esa Hkkx ysus vkfn ds fy, vuqefr izkIr gksxhA rhu fnuksa ls vf/kd le; rd chekj jgus okyksa dks fo|ky; esa fjiksVZ djus ds fnu esfMdy lfVZfQdsV tek djuk gksxkA

2. Absence (grade 1-12) :- Those absent for one day for any reason (including sickness), should get it entered in the leave record of the Diary, and must get it sanctioned by their class-teacher on the following day. For failure to do this a fine of Rs. 50/- will be levied. Those absent for more than one day must submit a Leave Letter to the class-teacher on the second day and those who fail to do so will be fined at the rate of Rs. 50/- per day. It must also be briefly entered in the leave Record of the Diary.

vuqifLFkfr ¼d{kk 1 ls 12½ %& tks fdlh Hkh dkj.k ¼chekjh lfgr½ ds fy, ,d fnu ds fy, vuqifLFkr gSa] mUgsa bls fo|ky;h M+k;jh ds vodk’k fjdkWMZ ist ij ntZ fd;k tkuk pkfg,] vkSj bls vxys fnu muds d{kk/;kid }kjk vuqeksfnr fd;k tkuk pkfg,A ,slk djus esa foQyrk ds fy, #i;s 50@& dh 'kkfLr ns;k gksxhA ,d fnu ls vf/kd vuqifLFkr jgus okyksa dks nwljs fnu d{kk/;kid dks ,d vodk’k izkFkZuk i= tek djuk gksxk vkSj ,slk djus esa foQy jgus okyksa ij #i;s 50@& izfrfnu dh nj ls tqekZuk yxk;k tk;sxkA bls laf{kIr #i ls M+k;jh ds vodk’k fjdkWMZ ds ist ij ntZ fd;k tkuk pkfg,A

3. Long Absence :- Repeated absence without leave, or unexplained absence for more than five consecutive days, renders a student liable to have his/her name struck off the rolls. Re-admission, if granted, will be done on payment of Re-admission Fee.

yach vuqifLFkfr %& cxSj Lohd`fr ckj&ckj vuqifLFkfr] ;k yxkrkj ikap fnuksa ls vf/kd le; rd vLohd`r vuqifLFkfr djus ij lEcfU/kr fo|kFkhZ dk uke mifLFkfr jftLVj ls gVk fn;k tk;sxkA iqu% izos’k] ;fn iznku fd;k tkrk gS] rks iqu% izos’k 'kqYd dk Hkqxrku djus ij fd;k tk;sxkA

4. Sickness :- A student returning to school after an infectious or contagious disease should produce a fitness certificate from a doctor permitting him/her to attend the class.

chekjh %& Nwr ;k ladzked chekjh ds i'pkr~ fo|ky; vkus okys fo|kFkhZ dks] MkWDVj }kjk tkjh vkjksX; izek.k i= izLrqr djus ij d{kk esa izos’k dh bZtktr izkIr gksxhA

5. Re-Opening Day :- All are expected to attend classes on the re-opening day after each of the vacations, more so on the first day of the new academic year. Those absent without prior sanctioned leave will be fined at the rate of Rs. 50/- per day. Those absent because of sickness must inform the school before or on reopening day, and present a medical certificate before they are admitted to class, failing which they must pay the above penalty. Absence without prior sanctioned leave for more than five days immediately after a vacation renders the student liable for dismissal.

iqu% izkjEHk fnol %& lHkh fo|kfFkZ;kas ls vis{kk dh tkrh gS fd os uo l= ds igys fnu ;k izR;sd NqfV~V;ksa ds ckn iqu% fo|ky; izkjEHk gksus okys fnu mifLFkr gksaA fcuk iwoZ Lohd`r vodk’k ds vuqifLFkr jgus okyksa ij #i;s 50@& izfrfnu dh nj ls tqekZuk yxk;k tk;sxkA chekjh dh otg ls vuqifLFkr jgus okyksa dks fo|ky; dks igys ;k fQj ls [kksyus ds fnu lwfpr djuk pkfg,] vkSj d{kk esa HkrhZ gksus ls igys ,d esfMdy izek.k i= izLrqr djuk gksxk] ftlesa vl{ke jgus ij mijksDr naM dk Hkqxrku djuk gksxkA ,d NqV~Vh ds rqjar ckn ikap fnuksa ls vf/kd le; rd cxSj Lohd`fr ds vodk’ ij jgus okyk fo|kFkhZ c[kkZLrxh ds fy, mRrjnk;h gksxkA


6. Late Coming :- All those who come late to the school should get their Diary signed by the prefects before they enter the class. If anybody is late by more than 10 minutes, he/she must report to the Vice-Principal. The school gate will be closed after the first bell goes. The assembly is an integral part of the school activities and all should be present for the same. Three late are considered in a year after that the student will be sent back home.

nsj ls vkuk %& fo|ky; esa nsjh ls vkus okys lHkh yksxksa dks d{kk esa izos’k djus ls igys mudh Mk;jh ij ftEesnkj fo|kFkhZ@v/;kid ls gLrk{kj izkIr djus pkfg,A ;fn fdlh dks 10 feuV ls vf/kd dh nsjh gks] rks mls mi&iz/kkukpk;Z dks fjiksVZ djuh gksxhA igyh ?kaVh yxus ds ckn fo|ky; dk xsV can dj fn;k tk;sxkA izkFkZuk lHkk fo|ky; dh xfrfof/k;ksa dk ,d vfHkUu fgLlk gS vkSj lHkh dks mlesa mifLFkr gksuk pkfg,A ,d o"kZ esa rhu ckj nsjh ls vkus dh Lohd`fr gS blds ckn nsjh ls vkus okys fo|kFkhZ dks okil ?kj Hkst fn;k tk;sxkA

7. Skipping class :- Anyone who absents himself/herself from any class without proper permission will be given a Yellow Card. He/She will also be required to pay a fine of Rs. 100/-.

d{kk ugha ysuk %& mfpr vuqefr ds fcuk fdlh Hkh dkyka’k esa d{kk ls vuqifLFkr jgus okys dks ;Syks dkMZ fn;k tk;sxkA mls #i;s 100@& dk tqekZuk Hkh nsuk gksxkA

8. Leave to go Home early :- Students will not be given permission to go home till the school gets over, unless the parents personally come to take them.

?kj tYnh tkus dk vodk’k %& tc rd ekrk&firk Lo;a fo|kFkhZ dks ysus fo|ky; ugha vkrs rc rd fo|ky; ls tYnh ?kj tkus dh vuqefr ugha nh tk;sxhA

9. Uniform and Diary :- Those who come to school without proper uniform  or the School Diary will be fined. Three such offences are considered in a year after that the student will be sent back home and marked absent.

x.kos’k ,oa fo|ky;h M+k;jh %& fcuk mfpr fo|ky;h x.kos’k ;k M+k;jh ds fo|ky; vkus okyksa ij tqekZuk yxk;k tk;sxkA ,d o"kZ esa rhu ckj ,slk gksuk Lohdkj fd;k tk;sxk blds ckn fo|kFkhZ dks ?kj okil Hkst fn;k tk;sxk vkSj mldh vuqifLFkfr yxk nh tk;sxhA

10. Loss of Diary :- If a boy/girl defaces or loses his/her Diary, he/she will have to buy a new Diary for its cost.

fo|ky;h M+k;jh [kksuk %& ;fn dksbZ fo|kFkhZ viuh M+k;jh dks fod`r dj nsrk gS ;k [kks nsrk gS] rks mls ,d ubZ M+k;h [kjhnuh gksxhA

11. Unfair Means :- A boy/girl who uses unfair means, and/or receives, or gives assistance in any form during tests or examinations, or tampers with the evaluated answer sheets in any way, or alters marks in the report card or in the answer sheet, will be given a zero in the subject and a Yellow Card. Repetition of the same will result in dismissal.

vuqfpr lk/ku %& ;fn ,d fo|kFkhZ ij[k ;k ijh{kkvksa ds nkSjku vuqfpr lk/kuksa dk mi;ksx djrk gS ;k fdlh Hkh #i esa lgk;rk ysrk gS] ;k fdlh Hkh rjg ls ewY;kadu dh xbZ mRrj iqfLrdkvksa ds lkFk gsjkQsjh@NsM+[kkuh djrk gS] ;k fjiksVZ dkMZ esa ;k mRrj iqfLrdk esa vad ifjorZu djrk gS rks mls] ml fo"k; esa 'kqY; vad nsus ds lkFk ihyk dkMZ fn;k tk;sxkA bl dk;Z dk iqu% nksgjku djus ij mls c[kkZLr dj fn;k tk;sxkSA

12. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience, misconduct or bad moral influence may cause the expulsion of the child from the school.

vfu;fer mifLFkfr] vknru vkyL;] voKk] nqjkpkj ;k cqjk uSfrd vkpj.k] cPps ds Ldwy ls fu"dklu dk dkj.k gks ldrs gSaA


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