Expectation from Students

Expectations from students fo|kfFkZ;ksa ls vis{kk,¡

1.    It is necessary to bring books and copies everyday according to the time table.

2.    Identity card with latest photograph in school uniform and school diary with signature of parents on every note i.e. leave,  absence,  exam result etc. to be carried daily, failing    which, the  student will not be allowed to attend the  school.

3.    Students should keep their classrooms and the school premises spick and span.

4.    Students are not allowed to bring/keep/wear costly items of any kind like calculator, transistors, precious coins, items of jewelry etc. the  school will not be accountable for the loss of  any such article, although proper care is taken to prevent any untoward incident. Mobiles are strictly prohibited in the school premises.

5.    Silence should be maintained while moving in the corridors.

6.    Any indisciplinary act may entail dismissal from the school. Students are accountable to the school authorities for their conduct both in and outside the school.

7.    Every student must take part in school games and other activities unless declared physically unfit or exempted by the Principal.

8.    Cycle must be locked and kept at the stand. Park your vehicles, helmets etc. at your own risk.

9.    Students are not allowed to use the school telephone without the permission of the receptionist nor will they be called to answer a phone call.

10.  No collection for any purpose, whatsoever, shall be made in the school without the prior permission of the Principal.

11.  Care must be taken of all school property and no student should scratch or spoil the desks or damage any school furniture, write or draw anything on the wall or in any way damage things belonging to others. Damage caused even by accident should be reported at once to the class teacher or the Principal. If any damage is done, a fine will be imposed on the concerned student(s) for such an offence. Such offence may entail expulsion from the school also.

12.  Students availing public transport should wait at the bus stand in an orderly fashion and not board or alight from moving buses. They should not hang on or stand at the foot board of the bus or auto rickshaw.

13.  Bursting crackers or throwing colours on each other in the school premises is strictly forbidden.  Non-compliance of these instructions may result in expulsion from the school.

14.  The school reserves the right to dismiss students whose diligence or progress in studies is constantly unsatisfactory or whose conduct includes stealing, use abusing words etc. is harmful to the school or whose guardians show little interest in the progress of their ward (s). Immoralities, grave insubordination, contempt of authority or willful damage to school property are sufficient reasons for immediate expulsion.

15.  Students should behave in proper manner wherever they go.

16.  They should remember that the school is judged by their conduct. They should greet and obey their seniors, teachers and elders.

17.  Sincerity and truth are the basis of every virtue. Should behave mutually ad cooperatively.

18.  ^^ dkd ??????] cdks /;kua] ’oku funzk] vYikgkjh p ??? R;kxh fo|kFkhZuka iap y{k.ke~**

       Means : A student does always progress who is hard worker, eats limited, sleeps like a dog, concentrate like crane, willingness just like a crow and sacrifices home.

19.  Prescription for Health: Health is wealth” for healthy body use these prescriptions in your daily life

1.      To keep stomach good, eat limited and timely.

2.      Take complete sleep.

3.      Early to bed, early to rise.

4.      Do exercise regularly.


20   Management of study:

1.      Do pre-reading before teacher’s teaching.

2.      Concentrate on the topic in the class.  Clear your doubts immediately. Study that topic at home same day.

3.      Do the meditation (yoga) at home daily.

4.      Practice makes a man perfect” so you should do practice of every subject at home.

5.      Be positive always, you can do everything because you have the necessary thing, Mind Repeat always, I can..................”

6.      Find out your mistakes and correct them.

7.      Understand every topic, never overview.

8.      Apply your learning in daily life.

9.      Understand the topic, before learning.

       Attitudes: Some people say, Erasers are made for those who make errors, but we say, Erasers are made for those who are willing to correct their mistakes

21.  Revision:

1.      Revise any topic after some interval.

2.      Learn peacefully with concentration.

3.      Underline the complicated topics and consult with the teacher.

4.      Next time give them more time.

5.      Revise main topics before exam.


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