Maximum attendance is necessary to get good result. Remember that one day’s leave takes back student’s for two days. School needs your help to get good result.

1.    75% attendance during a year is compulsory for appearing in the final examination.

2.    The total number of meetings is counted from the day of the opening of the school.

3.    Leave is granted in the prescribed form signed by parents/guardians. It is to be submitted to the class teacher before leave.

4.    If sick leave extends for more than three days, a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner should be submitted. However, students suffering from contagious diseases are to resume the school only on the completion of the quarantine period and on producing fitness certificate.

5.    Continuous absence from the school for five days without information. Students will be allowed only when parents/guardians will meet in school and pay Rs. 300/- as fine.                     

6.    Continuous absence from the school for seven days may lead to rustication. Re admission in such cases will be discretionary. An amount of Rs. 500 is to be paid in case of re-admission. Re-admission will be allowed only one’s in a session.

7.    Students are expected to be punctual and regular. The school gates will be closed at the beginning of the assembly and the students who come late will not be allowed to attend the school.

8.It is compulsory for all the students to attend the Morning Assembly of the school.

9.    Students are not allowed to leave the school premises during school hours except with the permission of the principal and only under exigency. Half day leave is strictly not allowed.

10. Attendance is compulsory on the following days. :-

(a)  Independence Day - 15 August

(b)  Republic Day - 26 January

(c)  Other School Functions